Food Happenings!

Feb 23, 2019.  The Fiery Food & Barbecue Show is at the Sandia Casino and Resort from March 1-3rd. If you like hot, this is the place to be. There can be lots of crowds so I try and go early. People from all over the country come with their “hot stuff”.

Feb. 18, 2019- My favorite week of the year is coming. Santa Fe Restaurant Week 2019 is almost upon us!! Restaurant Week runs from February 22 to March 3rd this year. We have made our reservations through Open Table.


There is a new magazine in Santa Fe that is devoted to food, dine+unwind. It bills itself as the official restaurant guide. I found my copy at the Paletaria Oasis in the Design Center.

Root 66, the vegan food truck in Santa Fe, will be closed for a few weeks. In fact, this week will be their last week before a Christmas Holiday. A well deserved one! So I am going to stock up on Friday December 14.

I am going to a Vegan Dinner at Farm to Table in Albuquerque on Monday December 3, 2018. I am really looking forward to this especially after my incredible Vegan Holiday Cooking Class.

I noticed that there is a new Tibetan Restaurant in town near the Alberston’s on Zia. I will check it out soon.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the owners of the Ranch House have bought the former Outback Steak House are are planning to turn it into an Italian Restaurant.


November 17, I’m taking a a Vegan Holiday Cooking Class. Even though I am not Vegan, I thought this would be an interesting class.

November 6—-Vote!



October 24, I am all excited today because the Santa Fe Reporter Annual Restaurant Guide comes out today! It will be interesting to see which restaurants are included.



The 7th Annual Oktoberfiesta will be held on October 20 @ The Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing  off of Route 14 south of Santa Fe. Tickets begin at 10 dollars and the proceeds will benefit 3 local non-profits. The fiesta begins at 12. There will be music, food and of course beer.

There is going to be a Magnificent Cider Fest at the beautiful and scenic Eaves Movie Ranch on October 20.  The Eaves Movie Ranch is just south of Santa Fe. It is off of Route 14 and Route 45 on Rancho Alegre Road in Rancho Alegre. And yes there have been several movies filmed there like, The Lone Ranger and The Ridiculous Six, and most recently the Coen Brothers upcoming television series, the Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Tickets are 25 dollars for adults, 5 for children under 16. Tickets for a chuckwagon meal are 10 dollars. The meal includes brisket, red chile biscuits, beans, and slaw. There will also be some New Mexican breweries like Boxing Bear Brewing, Red Door Brewing, Steel Bender Brewing, and Tractor Brewing. Black Mesa Winery will be there as well.

On October 13, the first The Whiskey Classic is being held at Bonanza Creek Ranch. Bonanza Creek Ranch is just south of Santa Fe. Many Western Movies have been filmed there.

My Instant Pot class has been moved to another day which I can’t attend. Oh well, next time.

Good News!! There is now a vegan food truck in Santa Fe. Root 66 pulled up behind Santa Fe Brewing’s Brake Room on Galisteo on Friday October 5. BTW I love the name. Root 66 posts their menu on Facebook.

Sadly, Santa Fe Bite is closing on October 26. They will be missed. They had an incredible green chile cheese burger as well as an awesome beet burger.

The next Big Food and Wine Events in Santa Fe are the annual Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta. The Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta has various events scheduled from September 23 to September 30. There are classes, a film festival, wine dinners, a grand tasting at the grounds of the Santa Fe Opera.

Last Saturday September 8 was the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown challenge at Santa Fe Brewing. A great event for all meat eaters.

I am looking forward to taking an Instant Pot Cooking class at Santa Fe Community College. It is coming up in October. I’ll post after I finish this one evening course.

We finally made it to it to the New Mexico Natural History & Science Museum  in Albuquerque. It was my first time there. Once again I can’t believe how much I have missed out on by not going there. Well, we finally went to see the DaVinci exhibit. The exhibit has been there since February 2018 and was scheduled to close at the end of July. But due to high attendance, the exhibit has been extended until the end of August 2018.

The first floor of the exhibit is dedicated to Leonardo DaVinci, the artist. Due to modern technology, we can actually see what were the original colors of the Mona Lisa. There is also a discussion about who the Mona Lisa was, and an analysis of the Mona Lisa, the painting. There are three paintings on the Mona Lisa canvas.  I thought the timeline of the history of the Mona Lisa was fascinating. I had no idea that DaVinci went to France. The king of France bought the Mona Lisa. That’s why it is in the Louvre. I didn’t know that, for a time, the Mona Lisa had been stolen by a man who worked at the Louvre.

The second floor of the exhibit is devoted to the science of DaVinci. There are models of some of his many inventions. Some of the inventions he designed were a submarine, a tank, a portable bridge, a scuba diving suit, parachute, a flying machine, and a self-propelled car.

This was a very inspiring exhibit. I thought it was very well done. In fact, I was impressed by the entire museum. They have dinosaur bones from New Mexico. This exhibit was really a treat and there were several children enjoying the dinosaurs. There was also a planetarium that has several daily presentations.

We are going to go back, now that I know what I have been missing. This place is a fun way to learn about science.




On April 14, 2018, I took another Nutrition class at Santa Fe Community College. I took Amanda Hatherly’s Advanced Plant Based NutritionIt is a wonderful class! I learn a lot and get many, many ideas on how to eat better. You see I have been eating my entire life and I really didn’t know anything about nutrition. I started my quest a few years ago. I have taken several online nutrition courses at Santa Fe Community College. All these courses have been helpful on my food journey. Amanda’s class comes with recipes and food. It is a wonderful Continuing Education course.


Ok, that is my Cutie peel in the bottom right photo. Currently, I am a pescatarian. I do not eat red meat. I haven’t had a hamburger or steak in many years.

A while back, I decided I didn’t like to eat steaks but I still think that a cooked steak has one of the most incredible aromatic smells you could ever find. I used to love Bobcat Bite’s burgers. Bobcat Bite’s burger has come into Santa Fe and has evolved into Santa Fe Bite.  Although I did have a delicious sausage from Joe’s Sausage in Albuquerque about 2 years ago at Santa Fe Brewing’s October Fiesta. Sadly, Joe’s Sausage is no more. Joe went back East. I guess my meat loving days are over. But my vegetarian days are coming…