Welcome to Santa Fe City Different Foodie,

I am reworking this site to make it look fresher. I will be using a different template and format. My content will still be the same. Thank you for your patience. I still love writing this blog and eating food.

Previously, I wrote reviews for TripAdvisor. I was SkiponRoute66. So if you would like to see some of my very old reviews, that is where they are posted.

I decided that I wanted to pursue an independent blog about food, fun, and my explorations. I especially enjoy Spicy Food. I tried the name Piquant Ponderings but it didn’t really work. So I am trying the name Santa Fe City Different Foodie. Santa Fe is known as the city different. Since I am based in the beautiful city of Santa Fe, New Mexico and am a Foodie.

I will be reviewing food that is spicy or places that are in my view trendy.

These are just my opinions about the explorations that I have. I don’t get paid or receive any special treatment.

I only review places that I like and I think you should know about. The restaurant business is a very hard business. I only wish people the best of luck in this endeavor.

These are some of my food photos. I hope to share more about my food favorites, fun, and food explorations.