Santa Fe

The Cerrillos Hills south of Santa Fe

I am lucky enough to live near the picturesque city of Santa Fe. I am a Midwest transplant. I find Santa Fe fascinating, which is why I moved here. We used to vacation here for many years before we finally decided to move here. There is so much to do and see in and around Santa Fe. There is always something new to be explored or something that has been around for a long time that I didn’t realize existed. I am still learning my way around.

The culinary scene is incredible. I can’t believe the variety of cuisines available in this small city. I am still eating my way through town. I haven’t been to all the restaurants in Santa Fe but I keep investigating. I have a few favorites that I revisit from time to time like Sazón, Arroyo Vino, Paper Dosa, and Taberna.

In recent years, the food truck boom has come to Santa Fe. The food truck cuisines are varied as well. Santa Fe Community College has a food truck. This food truck helps culinary students have real hands on experience in the culinary world.

One of my favorite food trucks is Bruno’s. I love their Veggie Pizza!

Bruno’s Food Truck
Bruno’s Veggie with Green Chile