Bruno’s at Santa Fe Brewing

Bruno’s Food Truck is one of my favorite food trucks in Santa Fe. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It is the closest food truck to my house
  • It is right next to Santa Fe Brewing
  • Beer and Pizza just go together
  • Bruno’s Pizza is incredible
  • Bruno was the grandfather of the owner
  • Bruno’s is a family operation
  • This is great East Coast Pizza(Jersey)
  • Bruno’s has a wood fire oven
  • Bruno’s gives you 3 pepperoncini peppers( Yes, those hot yellow peppers) with each pizza
  • Bruno’s has an incredible Veggie Pizza and with Green Chile it is the best!
Bruno’s Veggie with Green Chile

I really enjoy thin crust and the wood fired oven brings out the best in the crust and all the cooked vegetables. I like to sprinkle red pepper flakes on top of my pizza as well as putting some Tabasco sauce on top. Those combinations along with the green chile make the best tasting pizza you can get. What makes this even better is a nice cold beer.