Ecliptic Brewing, PDX

Ecliptic Brewing Company was a great place for lunch. It also has great beer. We returned there after our Forktown Food Tour of Mississippi Street for a tasting. As I said previously, all the beers are named after astronomical happenings. We enjoyed our Capella Porter and were very intrigued with what Ecliptic’s other beer offererings would be like.

We were not disappointed in fact it was a very hard choice to decide on which beer we should have as a pint. This is a wonderful problem to have!

To start we’d had the Luna Kolsch Style. This is one of the best Kolsches  I have ever had. I’m talking including Cologne, Germany, too. This is a seriously great beer. It is light and kind of citrusy. Kolsch is the perfect early springtime beer.

Next we had the Flamingo Planet. This sounds sort of weird but it was absolutely wonderful. Flamingo Planet is made with guava. It is a blonde style ale that is extremely easy to drink. It has that something extra special (guava) that has an amazing taste. Mere words can’t really describe this beer. It was awesome!

Our next sample glass was Carina Sour Peach Ale. This is possibly the best sour I have had. Period. I love sour beer. This was a very, very subtle peach beer that was incrediblely quaffable. It was out of this world good. Once again mere words fail to convey an accurate description of this beer. It is an OMG moment.

For our last tasting we had the Orbiter IPA. It was clean and pure with that hoppy IPA finish. Ok, now for our final pick. As I said before this was a hard choice for our pint. For me it was between the Flamingo Planet and the Carina Sour Peach Ale. The winner was the Carina Sour Peach Ale! We both had a pint of this delicious and delightful sour beer. We could because we wisely took the bus!

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