Bodega Tio Pepe, Jerez Spain

Our next stop was Cadiz, in Spain. We had a brief tour of Cadiz by bus then headed out to the city of Jerez to visit Bodega Tío Pepe. Tío Pepe is a sherry. Since I know very little about Spanish Sherry, I thought this would be an interesting experience. Sadly, I also have a stereotype that only little old ladies drink sherry.

The city of Jerez was beautiful.

In  Spanish, the word bodega means warehouse usually a wine warehouse. When I hear the word bodega I think of a tiny store in New York City or San Francisco . The grounds of Bodega Tio Pepe were absolutely immaculate. There were all different places to store the sherry. As noted in the photos below.

 Sherry is a fortified white wine . Usually the white wine is fortified with a spirit like brandy. This company has been in the Gonzalez family forever. The reason that the name Byass was on the casks was because this Englishman popularized this drink in throughout Europe and was a great promoter. He also owned part of the company.

To me, it is stronger and has more body than regular wine. I am most familiar with cooking sherry. After our tour we tasted two types of sherry. I am not a sherry fan. I find it ironic that I really enjoy port but not sherry. We tasted two different types. I was not thrilled with either. Yes, they were good. I didn’t buy any. This is always my way of telling if I really like something. If I am not prepared to either lug it home or pay for the shipping, if not than it is just ok. Our friends did buy a bottle of sherry that had that wonderful Tio Pepe sombrero on top of the bottle.

The famous Tio Pepe (Uncle Joe) Weather Vane

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