May Cafe, Albuquerque

We hadn’t been to the May Cafe for many years. My first impression of this wonderful restaurant was wrong. I didn’t understand why there was a lumberjack on top of the building. At the time, the lumberjack was without hands and a axe. Well, the lumberjack is still on top of the May Cafe with new hands and an axe. I still don’t get why this 50s style character is on top of a Vietnamese Restaurant but it is. The food was so good, I forgot to ask.

The Lumberjack on top of the May Cafe

After we went to the Talin Market, we came here for lunch. It was a cold and windy day so we were glad to get some hot food and tea.

Crispy Noodles with Vegetables

Once again, this menu is huge. It goes on for pages and pages. That’s a lot of food. I finally chose the Crispy Noodles with vegetables (9.50). There was a picture in the extensive menu. My food looked exactly like the menu photo. The noodles were hard and shaped into a bird’s nest for the perfectly cooked vegetables. The sauce was amazing. It was enough to give a great flavor to the veggies but didn’t overpower them. I did add some sarachi but that is just me. My friends had the spicy eggplant(9.50) and the Singapore noodles with shrimp(9.50).

Close Up of the Crispy Noodles

May Cafe is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 9pm. The service was top notch. Our wait person gave us some wonderful options. It was a delicious meal.

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