La Loncherita Salvadorena, Santa Fe

They are back!!! I didn’t see this little food truck for awhile. Ok, they might have been there but I didn’t see them for a long time. When I was running around doing errands, I saw that my favorite pupusa truck was right where it should be on Llano Street. I had missed them. I was so happy to see the little blue truck. The food was even better than what I remembered. We had the Green chile with cheese(2.50) and the Spinach with cheese(2.50). Their curtido ( like a cole slaw) was so tasty and delicious. Of course, we asked to have the spicy tomato sauce instead of the regular tomato sauce. The last photo shows how much of the sauce and curtido you get with your order. We had plenty of both.

La Loncherita Salvadorena Ricas Pupusas is located at 1741 Llano. They are open from 11-6. Their phone number is 505.316.2228. I know that La Loncherita is closed on Sundays. I’m not sure about if they are open on Mondays. But I do know that they are open from Tuesday-Saturday. I always go when I need an excellent pupusa. This food is truly comfort food for me.

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