Eurozone, Albuquerque

I had read about Eurozone awhile a ago. Eurozone’s website was not inspiring so I forgot about it. When one of my good friends started to rave about it, I decided we should check Eurozone out.

Eurozone imports food from Europe but it devotes a lot of shelf space to Polish food. Devon, the owner, is Polish. She is delightful. We talked about the P word foods paczkis and pierogies. Paczkis are filled donuts eaten on Fat Tuesday before Lent. Devon assured us that she makes paczkis for Fat Tuesday. Being from Chicago, we lived in a Polish/Italian neighborhood. So we knew about pierogies and paczkis. Pierogies are dumplings. I especially like a potato pierogi.

It was interesting to see all the different foods arranged in this small space. Eurozone’s fresh fish and imported cheeses give you many different choices. If you are looking for imported foods, I would check here first. Everyone was helpful.

Eurozone’s hours are Monday and Tuesday 1pm-6pm, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10am-5:30pm and Saturday 10am-5:30pm. Eurozone is closed on Sunday

Their phone number is 1.505.980.2648

Eurozone is located at 3700 Osuna NE Suite 515, Albuquerque

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