Portland Forktown Food Tours

We were lucky enough to book a food tour while we were in Portland, OR. I booked a tour through Expedia. The company that provided the tour is Forktown Food Tours. We took the Downtown Portland Tour It was a beautiful day for Portland. It was overcast but it didn’t rain. We of course had rain envy. Just in case we packed our ponchos.

The tour started at our hotel. We ate at Nel Centro the night before. We were excited that this restaurant was included in the tour. Our tour guide, Anna, had us introduce ourselves. She also explained her background and love of both food and Portland. We started with a beet and grapefruit salad which was accompanied with a glass of Prosecco. We knew we were off to a great start.Here we go to get to NASA.

Our next stop was at Southpark Seafood. We had smoked scallops and a local beer. I had never had smoked scallops before, they were delicious. It was a good pairing with the beer.

We walked to our next stop which was a food truck. The food truck scene in Portland is huge. We went to Wolf & Bears were we had some very tasty falafel. We had two pieces of falafel with a delightful sauce. Yum!

After that we walked to Grassa, which is known for its Italian cuisine. We watched as the kitchen extruded pasta. I couldn’t believe how fresh our linguine was. We also had some red wine.

Our next stop was Cacao, an upscale chocolate shop. We had some delicious liquid drinking chocolate. The place smelled so good. Cacao had all kinds of wonderful chocolate bars.

To end our tour we stopped at Saint Cupcake. This was a fitting end to a wonderful tour. The cupcakes are just the right size to have 2 cupcakes without feeling guilty.

We had read that you would eat enough food so you wouldn’t feel hungry. We canceled our dinner reservations and were glad that we did. We were stuffed.

These are some photos of our Best of Portland Food Tour: