Barrio Brinery, Santa Fe

Barrio Brinery’s Door

This is a really good place that you should know about if you enjoy fermented food. I was way ahead of this food trend. My family used to have sauerkraut on every major holiday. Yes, there would be a small side of kraut on the table even for the 4th of July.

Barrio Brinery makes some of the best sauerkraut that I have had in this country. I use Barrio Brinery’s sauerkraut as the base for my version of kraut.

For those of you who haven’t gone crazy for kraut, Barrio sells all kinds of interesting pickles. Ok, I love New Mexico dearly but you have to ask for pickles here. I was so used to getting pickles all the time with every food item that I ordered back East that it was kind of a culture shock not to get pickles. These pickles are some of the best pickles I have ever had. Barrio Brinery’s pickles are used at Rowley Farmhouse Ales.  These pickles help to enhance Chef Jefferey’s edible creation

Barrio also sells Mi Young’s Farm Daikon Kimchi, which is also incredibly tasty. This Kimchi is also sold at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.

A word to the wise, Barrio Brinery is located west on Alameda. They have a small sign in the front and the entrance is in the back not on Alameda. Barrio Brinery has a small parking lot so you do not have to park on the side street which is Mesa Verde.


Barrio Brinery Saurerkraut & Kimichi by Young’s Farm