Panera Bread, Santa Fe

Every now and then I need to get a sandwich. It used to be easier when I ate meat to find a great sandwich. Now that I don’t it isn’t as easy. Not a complaint just a matter of choice either fish or vegetables. But I do like Panera Bread sandwiches. I have either the tuna salad or the Mediterranean Vegetable. The Mediterranean sandwich is pretty substantial for a vegetarian sandwich. It had feta, cucumbers, onions, hummus, sliced tomato, lettuce, arugula, and spicy mustard on the tomato basil bread.

I happened to be on the Southside of Santa Fe the other day.  I had never been to this Panera Bread before today.2C88A739-DAF7-45BA-BB58-B5652FE86466

I am thrilled with the technology. It is so cool to see technology helping move the restaurant business forward. This particular Panera Bread has a drive thru which I have never experienced. My Mom’s Panera Bread doesn’t have a drive thru or several order kiosks. I use my Mom’s Panera as the standard because it is the only other store I have been to lately.

I was very impressed with the ordering kiosks, which were intuitive and easy to use. You are also able to modify your selections at these kiosks. I selected some arugula for my sandwich. Some modifications cost extra while others do not. There were also electric signs that let you know where your order was in the queue and when your order was ready to pick up.

I checked out the Panera Bread website which was very informative. There you can locate a menu and look at the nutritional information. I like to know what exactly I am eating and looking at the nutritional values helps me to make better informed decisions.

I was taking some photos when I was politely asked to conform to store policy and submit these photos to Panera Bread’s Media Headquarters for approval before posting them to my social media feed. So I deleted my photos which was my choice.

I signed up for Panera’s loyalty program so I will be back for a sandwich or maybe some soup when it gets cold.