Tumbleroot Brewing & Distillery, Santa Fe

After sighting a small sign on Bisbee Ct and Rancho Viejo Rd, we decided to try Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting places. I read the article about Tumbleroot in the Santa Fe New Mexican This article featured the Tumbleroot Agua Fria location. Tumbleroot sounded interesting. It was more than interesting, Tumbleroot is a fun destination to visit with your beer loving friends.

We happened to run into Chris, the expert bartender. We knew were in good hands when he gave us an accurate description of Tumbleroot’s beer. We enjoyed a couple of samples before ordering a pint. My better half had the  IPA  while I had the Citra IPA. We liked how well balanced each beer was. Tumbleroot has 3 different types of IPA.

I was very interested in the Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong beer. We brought a bomber ( 16.9 oz) of it to take home because it is a strong beer. Wow! That was some darn good beer! It is the kind of beer you can really enjoy but it is best to drink at home. Bourbon Barrel Aged is like a fine cocktail, it needs some time to savor and be appreciated. And appreciate we did with a fine dinner.

Chris was an engaging person who had many stories to tell and beers and alcohol to describe. I was amazed at the selection of beers, wines and spirits. We both had a fun time with some good New Mexican made beer to drink.