Paloma, Santa Fe

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in awhile but I do not like to eat out when it gets really hot. I prefer to stay at home and eat. But recently the weather got better so we went to Paloma. I have been wanting to go to Paloma since February. I was impressed with the food and ambiance when we went during Restaurant Week.

This restaurant doesn’t disappoint. I had the shrimp enchiladas(22) which had rock shrimp, sweet corn and a fabulous creamy tomatillo sauce with Mexican rice. I loved the tomatillo sauce. It was absolutely incredible. It is some of the best tomatillo sauce I have had since eating at the long defunct Lydia’s Cafe in Chicago. The flavors of the sauce were familiar yet intriguing. There is so much going on in the sauce that it really enhances the shrimp. With our order, you get 4 rolled enchiladas with rice.

I also had a Pisco Sour(9) that was beautiful but rather small. The bitters were artistically arranged on the egg whites. Pisco Sours are a drink from Chile. I had learned about them a few years ago when we visited Don Quixote Distillery  near Los Alamos, New Mexico. We bought some Pisco Brandy. But I digress.

My better half had the Squash Blossom Enmolada (20) with sunflower seeds, mole Amarillo and black beans. An enmolada is a tortilla is rolled in mole sauce. I was able to taste both the enmolada and the black beans. Ok, the black beans were some of the best I have ever tasted. Yum! The reason I didn’t get this sumptuous treat is because I am never sure if I’m going to enjoy the mole. This mole was smooth and mild. It was very sophisticated taste wise. Wow! The grapefruit soda was also a big hit. It was refreshing without being sweet. That is a winning combination.

Paloma is a small space with outside seating. It gets kind of loud but you can still hear your table’s conversation. The waitstaff was attentive but not intrusive.