Tumbleroot Brewing and Distillery, Agua Fria, Santa Fe

We went to the Agua Fria location of Tumbleroot because they serve food here. We were intrigued with this location because Tumbleroot’s has their own kitchen as well as  several food trucks. During our visit Bang Bite Food Truck and Ado’s Kitchen were there. We have eaten at Bang Bite. Ado’s Kitchen had a salmon plate but I decided to eat some lighter fare to go with my beer. We had the shishito peppers(7)and a giant pretzel(7) to go with the Citra Pale Ale and grapefruit soda.

The Shishito peppers were charred. They had some citrus salt but not too much salt. The menu said that the peppers came with creme fraiche. But I thought it was a cheese that was sprinkled on top of the peppers. The peppers were a nice medium size. They were a perfect snack. I also enjoyed the Ryder’s Pretzel. It was a large pretzel with a wonderful cheese dipping sauce. The sauce was called farmhouse ale cheese.  The pretzel also came with a house made mustard. I finished the cheese spread along with the pretzel. It was a good combination. Every item went well with the Citria Pale Ale.

Next time we are going to try the Artichoke and Kale Dip. It sounded delicious.


Tumbleroot’s hours are Monday through Wednesday 4 to 10, Thursday though Friday 4 to 12, Saturday 12 to 12, and Sunday 12 to 10. It is child friendly and dog friendly. There is a playground on the patio for children. Dogs are allowed on the patio.

There is a small stage where musical acts perform. The schedule can be found on Tumbleroot’s website.