Rowley Farmhouse Ales, Santa Fe

We had some folks in from out of town who are big beer lovers. They brought their mellow dog. So we decided to go get some great food, excellent beer, and a dog friendly patio. Rowley Farmhouse Ales fit the bill. Rowley’s just clebrated it’s 2 year anniversary. Congratulations on a job well done!

I especially like that Chef Jeffery does a great job incorporating local products into a tasty meal. This is another farm to table restaurant.

We had to start with an order of the Brussels Sprouts with green chile. Yes, it was everything one could hope for with the fresh green chile on top of the perfectly cooked sprouts with piñon nuts and balamaic vinegar. We also had an the elote, which was made with organic Olathe corn. Olathe corn, from Colorado, is some of the sweetest corn there is and it is in season right now. The corn was served with queso fresco, roasted jalapeño, and with a slice of lime. I really enjoy the skillet presentation.

Elote and Brussel’s Sprouts @ Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales


I couldn’t resist the popover served with a side of gruyere cheese dipping sauce. The popover had black pepper in the dough. It is a great starter to accompany any of  Rowley’s beers.

A popover with gruyere cheese

We also had the Impossible Burger (see my previous review), the shrimp and grits, and the chicken biscuit sandwich. The shrimp and grits had locally made pork andouille sausage with roasted red peppers and Santa Ana Pueblo organic cornmeal grits. The chicken and biscuit sandwich had a fried chicken breast with a horseradish crema, and an Old Windmill Dairy cheddar cheese biscuit. It came with a pickle and of course we got the fries.

We also had some of Rowley’s beer, the Almost Native on the right below, some tasty Zia Root Beer, Agent Scully IPA in tall glass behind Zia Root Beer, and the Frambozen.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales is open 11:30am to 10pm daily. They are located on 1405 Maclovia Street which is off of Cerrillos Road.