Acre Restaurant: Vegetarian Comfort Food, ABQ

I am a sucker for hot dogs. I have always loved them. But I actually found a better hot dog at Acre Restaurant . I ordered take out because I wanted to go back to Dialogue Brewing and have a great beer with a great hot dog. Unlike Urban Hot Dog Company , that uses tofu for their hot dogs, Acre uses carrots. Yes, I love carrots almost as much as I love hot dogs. But I love a good beer with my hot dog even more. Oh, and Urban Hotdog Company is on the west side of Albuquerque while Acre is located on the east side of Albuquerque.

This particular carrot hotdog is marinated in hotdog spices. You can really tell. When I first opened my order I wasn’t sure that I didn’t get a beef hotdog by mistake. Acre is a vegetarian restaurant but it is hard to remember.

Two of Acre’s carrot hot dogs to go

I got the vegetarian version of the carrot hot dog but next time I will try the vegan version. I will eventually try the gluten free version(probably the bun)just to see the difference.

The carrot had grill marks. It was moist. The bun went well with the hot dog. Sometimes the bun is way bigger than the dog, I really dislike that. The hot dog came with mustard, ketchup, and relish. Tiffany, the person who answered the phone, asked if I wanted my condiments on the hot dog or on the side. I wanted mine on the side. I like to adjust my amounts of condiments. In my case, the more mustard the better. I think that the mustard and ketchup were both house made. I will check and update this post when I do. The mustard had a horseradish tang to it. It was delightful. It was very subtle but added a nice zing to the carrot dog. There were also some delicious pickled vegetables like carrots, pickles, and onion on the side. You are also able to pick a salad or house made potato chips. I choose the chips. After all I was having a beer. I got two carrot dogs with chips for 8 dollars. You have the choice between getting two dogs or a single dog for 4 dollars.

Acre does feature New Mexico beers, like La Cumbre Brewing, Marble Brewery, Santa Fe Brewing, and Tractor Brewing. And for wine lovers there is a selection of wines.

I really like that Acre is a farm to table restaurant. Their website actually lists the local partners that contribute to Acre. That is a cool touch.

Acre is open every day. Their hours are Monday through Friday 11am to 9pm and Saturday through Sunday 10am to 9pm. Acre has a bunch on Sunday. I’m not a brunch person but the menu looked interesting. Acre is GrubHub friendly. I found that my take out was ready exactly when I was told it would be. Also the plastic ware included was substantial. Oh and my carrot hot dog went really well with my Dialogue Brewing special beer. Yes, this is the beer that I talked about last week that is from Dialogue Brewing and High and Dry Brewing.