Paleteria Oasis, Santa Fe

After having paletas at Paper Dosa, we found their Santa Fe source. Going to the original Oasis Paleteria y Neveria on Airport Road in Santa Fe was a ice cream shop experience. There are also all kinds of interesting snacks to eat, too. Yum! The other snacks have their photos on the wall. So newbies like me can see the entire extent of snacks.

There are now two locations in Santa Fe, one on Airport Road and the second location is in the Design Center.

According to Wikipedia, “paleta means small stick in Spanish. A paleta is a Mexican Spanish term for ice pops.” The first paleta I had was in Panama. It was lemon with a slice of lemon embedded in the side. That was a few years ago. But the taste was truly memorable.

The freezer of paletas @ Paleta Oasis y Neveria

I have found paletas to be more flavor intense than American popsicles. There are two types of paletas: water and dairy based. As you can see there are many different flavors. I loved all that I tasted. So far we have tried the pistachio, pecan, melon, chocolate, grape, arroz con leche ( like a rice pudding on a stick), and the mango with chili. Beware that chili is a little more powerful than American chili, it is Mexican chili. It was like eating a Tabasco popsicle with mango bits. It’s hot. My tongue was numb. I was better prepared for the second mango and chili paleta than the first one. The last time I had a full stomach instead of the empty stomach the first time.


This is a family run store. Everyone at the counter has been very friendly and helpful.  I haven’t tried their ice cream or any of the other goodies listed but we will eventually try something other than a paleta. Maybe.

Hours are 11am to 9pm Monday through Saturday. On Sunday Paletaria y Neveria Oasis is open from 12 to 9pm. Paletas run $2.00 for water based and $2.50 for dairy based.