Root 66, Food Truck, Santa Fe

Root 66 is a vegan food truck in Santa Fe. I visited Root 66 on their first day of operation. I think that it isn’t fair to review a food truck or restaurant until they have been open for at least a month so they can work out the kinks. But in this case, my experience was seamless. I ordered the gumbo and rice(6) and an Impossible Burger(10).

I still can’t believe that vegan food can taste so good.  As you know I am a pescatarian but I have been eating less and less fish. This food truck has incredible food. It doesn’t matter that the food happens to be vegan. The gumbo had lots of okra, tomato, celery, and vegan sausage. The spices were balanced with some heat at the end of your taste.  This is always good!  Yum! The gumbo came with rice. I was impressed.  The Impossible Burger come on a beautiful pretzel bun. It had lettuce, onions and peppers, and vegan cheese. I put mustard and pickles on it at home. Root 66 had mustard there but since I was taking it home, I didn’t want the delicious bun to get soggy from mustard. The service was quick and efficient. You can find their menu on the Root 66 Facebook page. Root 66 has a work-in progress website.

Root 66 can be accessed by Manhattan St. going east then turn into Santa Fe Brewing’s The Brakeroom which is located on the south side of the street. If you take Galisteo turn on to Manhattan then take the second turn into the Santa Fe Brewing parking lot. Root 66 had signs to help you navigate into the parking lot.

This is a photo of the front of the Santa Fe Brewing’s Brake House on Galisteo. It looks like a cool place to visit. In fact, there are picnic tables in the back where you could grab a beer and eat Root 66 food. Root 66 hours posted on their website were Monday 12 to 8, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:closed. Friday and Saturday 12-10 and Sunday 10-4.

Santa Fe Brewing’s Brake House

Ten percent of the proceeds of Root 66 first weekend went to Animal Protection Voters.

My friend, Ashia Mikumari, sent me a tip about Root 66. Thanks again, Ashia. She has a beautiful site about mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation. Ashia is also a Reiki Master.

Back to the food:  This was a takeout order so all the way home, I smelled this delicious gumbo. The aroma was amazing. I am definitely going to be visiting Root 66 on a regular basis.