Santa Fe Railyard on Saturdays

The Santa Fe Farmers Market is an institution. There are so many interesting farm and product stands. We haven’t been in awhile so it was good to see how the Farmers Market has grown. I love looking at all the fresh produce this time of year. I think of how lucky I am to live near Santa Fe and what incredible fresh food can be grown here.


We try to support local farmers as much as we can. Previously, I discussed MoGro, which also supports local growers. All of us benefit with a farm to table connection.

It is just fun to stroll around the market. There are always lots of goodies to sample like fresh produce. This time of year there are lots of apples to be sampled.

The Farmers Market is open on Saturday and Tuesday from 7 to 1pm. There is also a Southside Farmers Market on Wednesday from 3 to 6pm at Mercado del Sur at 6009 Jaguar.