Rock Sugar- Southeast Asian Kitchen, Oak Brook, Il

I was in Chicago for the weekend. We stay out in the Western Suburbs because that is where I am originally from. I found this incredible Asian restaurant. I googled vegetarian restaurants and in the list of restaurants was RockSugar Kitchen. I thought the name was kind of different but I checked out the menu. We had to try this interesting place. RockSugar is in Oak Brook Mall. I am not especially fond of malls but the restaurant was close to our hotel.RockSugarFront

I am so glad I read the menu. The inside of the restaurant transports you to Asia or at least my idea of Asia. The interior was gorgeous. See photos below:

The food was also gorgeous and incredibly tasty. It was a truly amazing experience. Rock Sugar was opened in December of 2017. It is has an elegant, subtle atmosphere. I immediately felt calm and engaged after a hectic day of flying to Chicago.

Our server, Linette, was a consumate pro. She truly added to our dining experience. We started our lunch with non-alcoholic drinks. We had a Lime-Mint Squash, which was like a Mojito without rum. It was made with fresh limes, and mint. It was a very refreshing treat (4.5) I had the Yusuz lemon crush, which had lemongrass, soda, and lemon over ice. There was even a good size piece of lemongrass in the drink as well as a slice of lemon as a garnish(5). It was very refreshing and light. This would be a great base for an alcoholic drink but the Yusuz lemon crush was good on its own. If you are a lemon lover this drink is for you.

We had the mixed vegetables with green curry (13) and the noodles with wok fried vegetables (12.5). The green curry was delightful and elegantly served in a pot. It had Shitake mushrooms, eggplant, chayote, tofu and jasmine rice. This dish contained the small eggplant which are really cool. The green curry had several levels of flavor.

The noodles with wok fried vegetables were astounding! First of all the noodles were those really thin wonderful ones. The vegetables included snow pea pods (a big personal favorite), carrots (anything with carrots has great possibilities), mushrooms, chilies, bean sprouts, egg, cilantro, and fried shallots. Again words can’t accurately describe the tastes in this dish. Wow! What a pleasant surprise! All the flavors were tasty and melded together with garlic. Our server asked if we would like to try the Chef’s hot sauce of the day. Of course! The sauce was wonderful. It was better than a peri peri hot sauce. You could tell that this sauce was chef made and absolutely a wonderful treat.

I did have some left overs. The next day this dish was even better. It was truly an epicurean delight!

Every staff member from our server, to the girl that brought out our food to the bus boy was excited and proud to be working there. I enjoy that kind of energy and pride.

The restrooms were extremely clean and elegantly designed.

We received a claim check to pick up our left overs at the door. Attention to detail of the guest experience is first and foremost here. I was extremely impressed.

RockSugar is open for lunch from 11:30am to 5pm Monday to Sunday. Dinner hours are Sunday to Thursday 5pm-10pm Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 11pm.

RockSugar is also on doordash, the delivery service.