Burning Barn Food Truck, ABQ

We went to High and Dry Brewing where I was very intrigued with Burning Barn Food Truck. I thought well here is another meat centric place. But I looked at their menu anyway.

Blazing Barn Food Truck & Catering
Blazing Barn’s Menu

I get tired of veggie burgers. I wanted to try something different. So I got a Shrimp Po’Boy (9.00). Was I glad I did!! I haven’t had a Po’Boy in ages. Maybe since the last time I had been to New Orleans. This was a good one! The popcorn shrimp were lightly breaded, just the way I like them. The Po’Boy came with Cajun fries. The fries were not greasy, they were freshly made and hot. Yes, I went the whole 9 yards with fried food which went exceptionally well with my beer, a Sundown wheat. This was a perfect pairing! The Shrimp Po’ Boy had an absolutely amazing wheat hoagie for a bun. I loved this bun! The green chili tarter sauce was delicious along with the tomato, onion, and lettuce. I was so impressed with this food that visions of NOLA came to mind. It was that good!

The Blazing Barn is also at High and Dry Brewing for a Sunday brunch. I was told that French Toast will be on the menu.

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