Eastside Distilling, PDX

Eastside Distilling’s   Mel Heim, is a Master Distiller. She just keeps getting better and better. I love her bourbon. We come back here every year to check in on her progress.

She  has been named as one of the best distillers under 40 in the country. Wow! That’s some pedigree. I bought a Groupon-Portland Tasting of Eastside before we arrived in Portland. It, too, was worth 20 dollars. For your tastings, we receive a thimble size sample of liquor. Eastside has a great selection of alcohol. See my photo. You receive about 5 samples with a sample of your choice. After that a cocktail and a t shirt were also included in your Groupon Tasting. Pretty nice!

I love the round ice in my cocktail glass.  We had the West End Sour (5). This beautiful cocktail contained Burnside West End Blended Whiskey, a fresh lemon, and Raft Simple Syrup. It was fresh and bright. The other cocktail was The Loose Goose (7): Burnside Goose Hollow RSV Bourbon, Raft Demerara Syrup, Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters, and Orange. This cocktail was perfect too. It was a great sipper. Since we took public transportation there was no need to have a designated driver. The tasting room is small and unassuming but their products are first rate. Eastside is expanding their distribution so I am hoping that their products will soon be carried in New Mexico.


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