South Park Seafood, PDX

The name reminds me of South Park, the cartoon. But there is nothing cartoon like about this upscale seafood restaurant, SouthPark Seafood. This place was packed on a Friday night so we sat at the bar. We really didn’t want a big dinner so the bar menu was a great choice.

Once again this wasn’t any plain bar food, it was incredible food served at the bar. I asked the bartender for his suggestion of beer. I wanted a light larger to go with my meal. Usually I would have had wine with my pasta but because I was in Portland, I had a beer.

I wanted something different to start dinner. I didn’t want too much food but I wanted to be filled up when I walked away. I chose the roasted carrots. Carrots have always been one of my favorite vegetables. I love them cooked and raw.

These were some of the best carrots I have ever had in my life. The carrots were prepared with a pistachio dukkah ( I had never heard of this) with honey and lime. This beautiful concoction was 11 dollars. I had to Google what dukkah was. According to Wikipedia, dukkah is “an Egyptian condiment consisting of herbs, nuts, and spices.”

My better half had the Salmon tartare with seaweed, radish, pistachio, ponzu, sesame seeds, nori crackers (19). Wow! It tasted as good as it looked.

I had the beet and goat cheese ravioli with orange slices, arugula, black pepper, and walnuts. You could get either a half order for 16 or a whole order for 27 dollars . I like that kind of choice. The beet and goat cheese ravioli went very well with my beer. I always trust the bartender when I am in doubt about what to drink

We finished our evening with a peanut butter and chocolate dessert and a chocolate espresso petit fore. It was a delicious and delightful finish to our meal.

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