New Belgium Brewing, Denver Airport

On our way to Europe, once again we stopped in at the Denver Airport. We were at a different terminal so we didn’t go to our favorite, Mesa Verde.

This would be our last meal in the U.S. for awhile so we decided to go to New Belgium Brewing. They had a crispy falafel burger that sounded very enticing. It also helps that we enjoy New Belgium Beer.

The falafel burger was huge along with the order of fries, I had a hard time finishing it. The falafel was wonderful with a good pesto yogurt sauce and a slice of red onion. I really liked how crispy the burger was and it really hit the spot. Of course the fries were delicious. They were perfectly cooked and not at all greasy. I love fries cooked that way. Actually I had enough ketchup to cover most of the fries which is also a good thing. The fries and falafel burger were so good that I was rethinking my meal choices of two fried foods. But the food went well with my Fat Tire Amber Ale and I was on vacation ( I cut way back on my french fry consumption the rest of the trip.).

We just missed the after lunch crowd so our server was quick and efficient. The New Belgium Brewing fills up quickly and becomes very crowded. But it soon empties out so we didn’t have to wait.

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