Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena, Spain

Our next stop was Cartagena, Spain. There we explored a ruin of a Roman Theater that was just found in the 90s. Since it was hot and humid, we also explored a place to have lunch and something to drink.

Ok, you can see that there are no guardrails on the steps down. So we had a very interesting time getting down those blocks of stone pretending to be stairs.

Our guide took us to a wonderful place Rincón del Peralta off a picturesque square where I had some incredible gazpacho. I also learned that gazpacho was originally from this region of Spain. Portugal also lays claim to this delicious and refreshing treat. I also had some of the best sangria I have ever had. We also had a delicious egg dish without the bacon. I had never thought about this particular combination (sangria and eggs) but it worked well together. Cartagena is a beautiful city by the Mediterranean. It was a delightful stop with interesting food and drink.


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