Cantero Brewing, Albuquerque

The Cantero Brewing Truck

I always enjoy coming to this place: if I lived in Albuquerque, I’d be here at least once a week.
We always feel welcome and well taken care of when we enter. I like eating at the bar here. I really enjoy talking to the bartender or the servers. They are really nice people. But truly, I come here for the beer. I have never been disappointed with the beer or food. I haven’t lost my taste for fried food but I am cutting back on my fry intake. It’s a start. Cantero Brewing has tasty fries so I share them. This time I had the sweet potato fries which were delicious. I especially love fries that are not greasy. I talked to the cook, Marie about how much I enjoyed her fries. She said she drained them. She doesn’t like greasy fries so she wants her customers to enjoy the same.
Cantero has the Impossible Burger as one of their vegetarian options. The Greek salad is the other option as well as some of the starters.
I think that Marie made the best Impossible Burger that I have ever had. She told me that she makes each individual patty with Impossible Meat. The bun was just enough to keep the burger together. It was nicely toasted. I ordered green chile which was evenly spread on the burger. Pickles, onion, and tomato rounded out this wonderful burger. It was very moist and delicious!

Cantero has a large assortment of beer. All of the beer are in my flavor profile. This makes it extremely hard for me to pick out a beer. Luckily, Amy our server, gave some solid recommendations. She was also happy to give us some tastes. I wanted a pint so I didn’t ask for a tasting. I find that I fill up on tastings and can’t have a pint. I am very conscientious about New Mexico liquor laws.
I really enjoy Cantero’s sour beer. It is light and refreshing. This time I had the Sour Grapes. Sour Grapes reminded me of Welch’s Grape Juice. It was a beautiful shade of purple and a great summer beer. It was refreshing and tart. I would have had another beer but I just wanted to savor that unique taste of this beer.
Good food, good beer, and great service!

Since my last visit, I found out that Marie is now a server. The new cook made some awesome and amazing nachos. I know I will be back.

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