The Hollar, Madrid, NM

I have been to this wonderful, funky restaurant, The Hollar a couple of times. I love their Hollar Burger, the vegetarian one. I think it is one of the best burgers that I have had lately because it isn’t dry, just like Cantero Brewing. At other restaurants, I usually have to use many condiments to enjoy my burger, but not here. I think that not eating hamburgers and sausages have been harder to replace than many other food on my vegetarian list. But now the quality of non-meat items has vastly improved since I first started not eating meat. This particular burger was very moist. Yes, a burger. I always request a pretzel roll here which was a totally incredible bun. The pretzel roll is just so soft and comforting. Of course, I had green chile on top of the burger and their fries. Another time I had the Hollar Burger with Green Chile and Cheese. It was wonderful, too. There are other options for non-meat eaters here like the Shrimp Salad or the gargantuan burrito. The gargantuan burrito is made with beans, cheese and in our case mushrooms. It was huge and delicious! The side you see in the photo is fried okra. This is definitely not a side choice that I would ever pick. However, it was a complete surprise. The okra tasted very good. But I prefer the Hollar fries because they are not greasy. I love them! They are a perfect addition and finish off this wonderful combination. 

I am thrilled that the Hollar has Abita Beer on tap. Abita is my favorite beer from the New Orleans area. We went to this brewery in Abita Springs just across Lake Pontchartrain years ago. I think that it can’t get any better than having a nice hot burger with a cold Abita Purple Haze beer.

There is both outside and inside seating. I like eating outside but inside was good as well. The service was prompt and the vibe was relaxed. I consider this a good mix for an enjoyable evening out.

One of the beautiful hollyhocks at The Hollar

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