Buy Local

Saturday November 28 was Small Business Saturday. It is the state of New Mexico’s way of helping promote small businesses throughout the state. It was a tax free day. This was an outgrowth of Black Friday. I thought about all the small businesses, especially restaurants, who are hurting at this time. Since we were still … Continue reading Buy Local

Local Goods

I don’t always eat out. There are plenty of interesting food and drink options around Santa Fe and Albuquerque to make eating at home interesting. I just wanted to share a few with you. I usually do not drink soda. I drink water. When I want a soda to drink, I have a Zia Root … Continue reading Local Goods

My Best of 2018

These are just the best places that I have been to in 2018. If I haven’t been there in 2018, it is not going to be on my list. Best inexpensive restaurant: Santa Fe,Alicia’s, downtown Santa Fe, Tres Colores Best Mac and Cheese: Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery Best New Food Truck: Root 66 (Vegan) Best Food … Continue reading My Best of 2018