El Salvadoreño, Santa Fe

We went to one of those restaurants that you always say you are going to try but do not have the time or never think about until you pass it by in your car.  Restaurant El Salvadoreño is that restaurant. We finally stopped and it was worth it. Restaurant El Salvadoreño is in the Days Inn Hotel on Cerrillos Road.

Restaurant El Salvadoreño has authentic Central American Cuisine . We had pupusas which are corn tortillas filled with one or more fillings that are a traditional dish of  El Salvador. 

We had a loroco (a green flower bud from El Salvador) with cheese and a chile verde pupusa which was Green Chile and cheese. Pupusas are served with a tomato sauce and pickled cabbage. My better half had the delicious horchata ( a sweet rice water with cinnamon). Since they were out of pina(a pineapple agua fresca), I had the grape soda. It was delicious as well and highly carbonated. I got a very long straw for the very large bottle. Wow! I have never seen a soda bottle that tall.

The loroco pupusa was tasty and mild whereas the Green Chile had a nice bite.  The pupusas were $2.75 a piece

We also had an order of plantains, plántanos fritos. The plantains came with beans and crema. Those beans were fantastic! The plantains were delicious. Yes, this is all fried food but not greasy. This large plantain plate was 7.50.

Our server was quick as was our food. I thought the tip chart on the napkin holder was a very unique idea.

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