La Loncherita Salvadoreña Ricas Pupusas, Santa Fe

I don’t know why but I have had a heavy duty craving for pupusas lately. One of my favorite food trucks in Santa Fe is La Loncherita (The lunchbox) Salvadorena Ricas Pupusas.

This place is the best!  It is this tiny blue truck parked by an empty lot on Llano Street. On their menu, they give you the definition of what a pupusa is.

You have your choice of corn or rice masa. I have never tried the rice because I love the corn masa so much. Here the pupusas are $2.50 a piece. I had the Green Chile and cheese and the spinach and cheese. My better half had the mushroom and cheese pupusa. The pupusas came with a side of curtido ( lightly pickled cabbage slaw and your choice of tomato or hot tomato sauce.

Ok, we got the hot sauce because we love hot. It did not disappoint. It was cheerfully hot. I say that because it brought a smile to my face. It did. I loved it.  I love the combination of the soft cheesy tortilla and the cold slaw along with the snap of the hot tomato sauce. All I can say is wow! It was sure hard not to pull the car over on the way home to eat these pupusas right on the spot. The pupusas smelled so incredibly good and I was very hungry. It was well worth the wait.  

La Loncherita is open 11 to 6 on Tuesday through Saturday and closed on Sunday & Monday.  We thought that this was a sweet deal for a 10 dollar lunch for two people.

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