Buenas Salsas, Brookfield, IL

I was very surprised to find this family run restaurant by my Mom’s house. Buenas Salsas is a cute little Mexican Restaurant. Yes, they also had pupusas but they would take 20 minutes to make and I was really hungry. So I had the soft shelled veggie tacos(2 for 5.98) instead. These tacos were delicious! One of my all time favorite vegetables, asparagus, was in the veggie filling along with yellow peppers, red peppers, and onions with lots of chopped lettuce on top. I also ordered the special guacamole that had lots of tomatoes(6.99) which came with a large side of chips. I had a large horchata (a rice milk with cinnamon) (2.99)while I waited for my take out order. I thought it was especially thoughtful to get a sliced cut up lime to squeeze on my food. Since this was Buenas Salsas, I also received three different types of salsas. There was a tomatillo salsa, a medium one, and I was warned by the server that the darkest red salsa was very hot. Ok, she was correct. The reddest salsa was extremely hot. I thought it was a great idea to stick with the medium hot salsa that night. It worked for me. This made for an enjoyable dinner on a very rainy night.

I will come back to this tiny Mexican Restaurant with excellent food and service.

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