Mattone Restaurant and Bar, La Grange Park, IL

This is my go to place for Italian food when I visit my Mom. I was here twice on my last visit. I usually get my pizza fix here. I don’t eat Chicago style pizza anymore but I really enjoy the thin crust pizza at Mattone’s. I even brought some pizza home.
I like Mattone’s because it is a neighborhood place. Their veggie pizza hits the spot. Mattone’s puts plenty of artichoke hearts, broccoli, and sun dried tomato on their pizzas. But I would have to say that the cheese and crust are the stars here. I can smell the garlic as soon as I drive up to the restaurant. That to me is always a good sign.

This time I actually went into the restaurant. This was new because I always have take out. There is a special door for take out near the rear of the restaurant. So this was a big adventure for me. I was last inside when it was Johnny’s Pizza, another iteration. My Mother wanted some Italian food for her birthday so she ordered a side of spaghetti. I had the baked manicotti with cheese. It was covered in the same cheese and sauce(gravy) as the pizza. Yum! Ok, the takeout menu is different from the restaurant menu. But as long as my Mother got spaghetti I really didn’t care.

The server was delightful and added to our dining experience. ****There is something funky going on with the Mattone website, so I didn’t include it with this review.

One comment

  1. The food looks wonderful! Makes me want to grab a fork and dive in. Thanks for sharing about this venue!

    As to their website, there are a few people I know who could help 🙂!


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