Tibetan Kitchen, Santa Fe

I have wanted to go to Tibetan Kitchen since it opened. I finally got there for lunch with a good friend. Lunch is buffet. Ok, I’m not usually a buffet person. But I really enjoyed this buffet and for 10.99 plus tax I thought this was a bargain.

I used to have their takeout menu in my car. Lunch is only buffet and is open from 11am to 2:30. Tibetan Kitchen reopens at 3:30 to 8:45 Monday through Friday and 8:30 on Saturday. It is closed on Sunday.

A large pot of lentil soup

All the food was fresh and tasty. The dishes were replaced on a regular basis. I loved the bright color of the vegetables as they were poured from the wok to a heating pan. There was a plentiful selection of food. You could start with a soup. Lentil soup was the featured soup of the day of my visit. I especially enjoyed the chow mein. The vegetables and noodles were delicious. There were several selections that were on the takeout menu that I really wanted to try. This is my first time to a Tibetan Restaurant so I wanted to check out as many of the vegetarian options as possible. So the chow mein was a definite winner as were the cooked vegetables, the spicy potatoes, vegetable fried rice, and the vegetable momos. The vegetable momos are dumplings. I considered all these foods to be comfort foods. I was so excited and hungry that you will not see the first plate of food that I eagerly devoured. You will only see the second plate of food which quickly disappeared as well. You could also have rice pudding for dessert. I was pleasantly filled so the dessert was no temptation.

My second plate!

I would go back for either lunch or dinner. But now I know a little bit more about Tibetan food and how good the food is at the delightful Tibetan Kitchen. The decor is sparse. The restaurant was very clean and bright and of course it was wonderful to see my friend again.

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