Qdoba Mexican Eats at Castle Rock, CO

I love Qdoba Mexican Eats. Yes, it is a fast food restaurant. Yes, it has a made up name. Yes, it used to belong to Burger King. But I really enjoy their food. Especially since Qdoba introduced an Impossible Burger Fajita. You could get this delicious fajita in a bowl or wrapped a soft corn tortilla as a burrito. I chose the burrito which features a corn tortilla, salsa verde, red onions, cilantro, corn, and black beans. The Impossible Burger fajita is seasoned “ in house with a flavorful twist combining a blend of tomatoes, garlic, smoked chilies, paprika, and diced red onions.” I kept thinking is this meat??? Did they put meat in here by mistake? I was watching all the time but you never know. So for $9.95 plus tax (.79cents), I got a great on the go meal.

So when I return to Colorado, I will be returning to Qdoba Mexican Eats to have an Impossible Burger burrito or bowl.

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