Santa Fe Bite

Santa Fe Bite is Back!!!! Yeah!! We have missed you and are really glad you have returned to Santa Fe. Thank you for being a little closer to our house. We loved you when you were on Old Las Vegas Highway when we used to eat meat. We loved you when you moved to Santa Fe and became Santa Fe Bite. We were so sad when you closed but now you are back!

Santa Fe Bite’s food has always been incredible. Their Vegetarian Beet Burger(12.25) is one of the best in town. It isn’t a skimpy slip of a burger as you can tell from the photos, there is some heft to this burger. It is made with their own recipe of beets, brown rice, black beans, oat bran, their own blend of herbs and spices with a hint of barbecue sauce and is served with quinoa salad.

I always get the green chile(1.50). and ask for pickles. I put plenty of mustard on this beautiful creation. Santa Fe Bite doesn’t have their liquor license yet. But we come for the burgers. I got two versions, the standard with the quinoa salad and one with fries. To be clear, I have been here three times.

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