The Acre ( Revisited), Albuquerque

We went to The Acre Restaurant because I couldn’t resist their menu. I love hot dogs but Acre carrot hot dogs are really delicious. I forgot to tell them. I do not have ketchup on my hot dogs ever. My fault. To remedy this situation, when I go home I put plenty of mustard and onions on my carrot dog. I also put at least 2 sport peppers on my dog. But the real reason I went to acre outside of getting a vegetarian fix was to try a new item on the menu, The Irish Nachos. I was intrigued with the idea that nachos could be Irish.

The base of the nachos was contained house made potato chips. They were thin and delicate with just a touch of salt to finish them off. Yum! There were black beans, corn, red pepper slices, and yellow squash. There was some incredible salsa and some lime crema that just added a little zip to the delicious vegetables. This culinary masterpiece was completed by the cubed avocado pieces that topped the nachos along with cheese. I get hungry just trying to accurately describe these nachos. It was a pile of potato goodness. They were the best nachos I have eaten in a long time because I didn’t have to scrape any meat off. It was all vegetables! These nachos were a real treat! They will definitely help me gear up for St. Patrick’s Day in March.

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