Eloísa, Santa Fe

Restaurant Week in Santa Fe has started! We went to Eloísa in the Drury Plaza Hotel. We haven’t been there in years but their special restaurant week menu sounded incredible! For 45 dollars you received a three course dinner menu. There were so many choices that I was glad that there were 3 of us to order different dinner items. We received a complimentary bread basket. Ok, the big, big surprise was the Zuni jicama tacos. I know, who knew. The tacos were made from a fresh jicama wafer filled with escabeche, avocado, cilantro creme with some pickled ginger topped with some fresh micro greens. I have no words to describe this appetizer. I couldn’t believe how good this combination tasted. I would go back to Eloísa just for this appetizer. Wow!

For my entree, I choose the risotto Santo Domingo Pueblo. I was also blown away by my fortuitously choice. It was so rich and creamy that I couldn’t believe it was risotto with thinly sliced asparagus. There was also garlic, mushrooms, peppers, tomato, peas and spinach in this fabulous dish.

The kitchen at Eloisa

My better half had the grilled salmon that was cooked perfectly. The skin had that wonderful crispy taste, it was accompanied by a shiitake mushroom risotto. It was a beautiful combination of tastes.

Our companion had the Chicoma Mountain Trout. Ok, I am not a trout person but this dish looked amazing and it tasted as good as it looked. The cous-cous that formed the vegetable based was some of the best I have ever tasted. The cous-cous was perfectly paired with a southwestern succotash. Yum!

If that wasn’t enough but we had dessert. Our three choices were a caramelizad brioche with popcorn ice cream and apricot sorbet, and apricot panna cotta with incredible caramelizad apricots. Oh, my!!! Our last choice for dessert was a chocolate mole ice cream. Once again, I was glad that there were three of us so we could all taste these delicious goodies.

Our service team was attentive but not intrusive. Our water glasses were repeatedly filled. We were given enough time and information to make informed dining decisions.


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