Santa Fe Bite, Santa Fe

Santa Fe Bite is back! We were so happy that they finally opened up for curbside take-out and delivery. We had our favorite, the house-made vegetarian burger (12.25). This house-made burger comes with lettuce, tomato, and onions. We requested green chile(extra up charge(1.50)and pickles. Our side was incredible house made potato chips topped with some paprika. It was a mouth-watering combination.

Santa Fe Bite thoughtfully packaged the bun separately. The house-made burger was also packaged with the potato chips. The potato chips were crunchy and nicely cooked. But the paprika elevated these chips to another level.

This was delicious! The burger was perfectly cooked. I loved the added addition of green chile. Santa Fe Bite’s green chile is one of the best. But for me, the pickles really made the difference.

Santa Fe Bite asks you to call them when you arrive at their parking lot. They can hand off your food to you in your car. You don’t have to even go into the restaurant. I was greeted with a big smile and an even bigger thank you!

I replied that I was so happy that they were back.

Santa Fe Bite is open from Tuesday through Sunday 11am to 8pm. There is a limited menu but it included the house-made veggie burger. The only side available is the delicious house made potato chips.

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