Chef Olea’s Street Food of Old and New Mexico, Santa Fe

I went back to Chef Olea’s Street Food of Old and New Mexico because I love his food. The second reason was that I wanted to try his Shrimp tacos. If I am only going to eat seafood occasionally it is going to be from Chef Olea. A long time ago (February) we were in his restaurant, Sazon, and Chef Olea was trying out a shrimp cocktail starter. That was some of the best shrimp that I have ever eaten. The shrimp was pink and juicy. Chef said that these particular shrimp were from Mexico.

I was so glad that the shrimp tacos were on his street food menu. The shrimp tacos are not cheap(18.00) for two. The tacos are the soft corn tortilla with sauteed shrimp. They are served the some mixed greens, snow peas, red cabbage, and topped with a slice of avocado. You also get a side of delicious rice and black beans. These sides could stand on their own as a dish. They are incredibly delicious. This entire meal is special occasion delicious. The sauces that Chef makes are so wonderful. He also sells bottles of the sauces, just in case you need more sauce.

Chef Olea’s is the take out version of Sazon. The Sazon website has been updated for the takeout and delivery version of this menu. It makes it so easy to order online. Deliveries are only in Santa Fe city limits. When you are ordering, you will need your credit card handy. There is also a minimum order of $24.00. There is also a 20% gratuity for delivery to help support staff.

Since the last time I visited, a new policy is in place. You can call 505.983.8604 and your food will be delivered to your car. Talk about convenient!

Chef Olea’s Street Food of Old and New Mexico is open Monday through Saturday 11:00am -2:00 pm and 4:00-7pm

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