Tumbleroot Brewery, Santa Fe

I am trying to patronize all the places that I would normally visit under regular conditions. I constantly check out websites to see what is happening at some of my favorite places. I also sign up for emails at restaurants and breweries.

I want these businesses to continue to survive. I was delighted to receive an email from Tumbleroot Brewery saying that they were open for pick-up on Friday afternoons between 3 and 6. You can order on the square site and pay with a credit card. The Bisbee Court is very busy on Fridays between 3 and 6. Curbside pickup is very popular. At this time Tumbleroot is also making hand sanitizer. You can go to Tumbleroot on Bisbee Court on Thursdays to have your own containers refilled with hand sanitizer. On Fridays, along with ordered beer and spirits, you can also purchase hand sanitizer in two sizes 6 oz. and 32 oz.

Tumbleroot is also accepting donations for The Navajo and Hopi Tribes. They have a weekly delivery system set up to handle the donations. I thought that this was a typical Tumbleroot kind of thing. This company cares about families and communities. You can also donate to Kitchen Angels another worthy cause through the Tumbleroot Website.

I ordered two cans of beer, The Halles in Wonderland(7), a small 6oz size of hand sanitizer(5) and a large hand sanitizer( 15).

I also decided to drop off some donations for the Tribes. I always have a good supply of paper products. So I packed up the car with some.

After we finished depositing our donations in the large donation boxes, I was about to ask for my order. The young woman was standing directly in front of me. She asked the guy next to me about his order. I said that I was there before he was. Apparently that didn’t matter. I was told that she thought I was ONLY there to drop off my donations. He didn’t say a word so he was waited on first. Rudeness is not gender specific.

The Halles in Wonderland a German Style

I decided that since I am now apparently invisible, that my money will be, too.

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