Posa’s El Merendero, Santa Fe at Zafarano

At Posa’s it is all about the food. You get large portions with good prices at Posa’s. We hadn’t been here for many years. It is that tried and true restaurant that you take for granted. We will not take Posa’s for granted anymore. Just look at this food!

We started with the smothered fries done with red and green chile (8.95). Yes, we did Christmas in May. I was absolutely amazed at how many fries we received. Wow! I was hungry but I could only make a small dent in this wonderful starter.

My better half had the Shrimp Tacos(8.95). If you order on Friday after 3pm. you get a dollar off. The Shrimp Tacos were the special of the day. And they were!!! You get to choose your sides so we both got the beans and calabacitas as our sides. The shrimp were amazing. I loved that the tacos were mini taco shells. How fun and delicious???

I had the cheese enchiladas with green chile(8.95). I am always wary about calabacitas in an enchilada. They can be either very, very good or just ok. These cheese enchiladas were tasty and very filling. I had the green chile which was delightfully hot. There is a sign posted in Posa’s discussing the heat of their sauces. Their green sauce is usually hotter than their red sauce. I also received three sopapillas with my order. We have our own honey at home so we didn’t need to use the honey packets that Posa’s provided.

The staff were courteous and professional. I called in my order and they gave me an estimated time of readiness. I arrived a little early but my food was quickly done. I was impressed with the service that I received. Oh, and to make this experience even better a coupon was slipped into my takeout bag. Next time I go, I will receive a 15% discount. Wow! That’s impressive! No wonder Posa’s has been around a long time. Posa’s has two locations in Santa Fe. I went to the Posa’s on Zafarano.

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