Ex Novo, Corrales

I have wanted to go to Ex Novo Tap Room in Corrales ever since my good friend gave me a couple cans of Perle Haggard Pilsner. I was told that Perle Haggard was a great summer beer. It goes down easy and has a wonderful clean taste. Well, my friends know their beer. This beer was delicious. I was lucky enough to find a 4 pack at Total Wine in Santa Fe. (9.49) I also tried Cactus Wins the Lottery, a sour beer.( 10.99) Ex Novo sure knows how to generate interest in their beers with having interesting titles. Excellent marketing. By the Way Ex Novo is Latin for anew or from the beginning according to Wiktionary.

While I was at Total Wine, I overheard a conversation about another Ex Novo beer, Kripsy’s Kolsch. Sadly, Total Wine didn’t stock that particular beer but the name stuck in my head. After making a much needed Costco run. We decided to stop at the tasting room. It was on the way home. Kind of

Since it was as hot as blazes outside, so we stayed inside the tasting room. The tap room was air conditioned. We were all practicing social distancing and wearing masks. At the bar there was hand sanitizer handy. We ordered a sampler which included 4 beers in 4 oz taster glasses. (10.75) ?? I think

We thought that the tasters would be enough beer to have on such a hot day. After all we had to get home. I had the Kripsy’s Kolsch. Wow! This is one of the best kolsches I have ever had in this country. Kripsy’s reminded me of some incredible beer I had while I was in Cologne, Germany. Ahh, it was so good. It was well worth the trip to the tasting room just to taste that beer. It was smooth and balanced. Wow! What a beer!! Germany look out. The other taster beer I wanted to try was the Foam on the Range which was a little hop forward and was a Hoppy Blonde style. I think it is offered at the famous Range Cafe. We also tried the Saul Fruitman which was a fruited Hazy IPA and the Reverse Whirlpool, a southern hemisphere hazy IPA. The beers are in the order listed on the taster tray menu. You can buy Ex Nov beer to go here as well. If someone in you group doesn’t like beer, cider is also available.

Ex Novo doesn’t serve food. But they have a listing of food trucks available on there website. The table near us had a pizza delivered right to their table. Talk about service.

Ex Novo is located at 4895 Corrales Rd, in Corrales. Their phone number is 5050.508.0547. The Ex Novo website stated that the taproom was open from 12-9pm 7 days a week but be sure to check with them because of Covid-19.

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