Freezie Fresh, Santa Fe

Since it has been so hot here lately, we decided to go to Freezie Fresh for some ice cream, rolled ice cream to be exact. It is a hip and trendy way to have your ice cream. I think that it is just plain delicious. Rolled ice cream originated in Southeast Asia and now has made its way to Santa Fe
The ice cream is made on site with a custard base and your flavor choice mixed in. Just so you know this process is done by hand so the mixing and rolling take a little bit of time. But believe me it is well worth the short wait.
I was interested in the red chile. The official name is salted caramel with red chile (6 for a medium). I had to have a medium size(6) of this wonderful concoction. It was cold, creamy, and delicious. It really hit the spot. The salted caramel with red chile also had a delicious chile burn at the end of the taste. Wow! Cold and hot at the same time. We also tried the lemon cream (6) which had a very fresh and clean flavor.

 Freezie Fresh is an ice cream truck . But it isn’t like any of the ice cream trucks that I chased when I was a kid. Freezie Fresh’s current address is 2860 Cerrillos Rd. where Doctor Field Goods Kitchen and Big 5 Sporting Goods are located. It is just south of Jackalope .

Hours are Sunday and Thursday 12pm to 8pm, Friday-Sat 12pm to 9pm Freezie Fresh is closed Monday-Wednesday.

I was glad that he was right on time. We were waiting just a little bit because we were early. There was a crowd after us. You wait a little longer than a regular ice cream truck but the flavors and the ice cream are definitely worth the wait. A dairy-free option was available. There are 3 sizes of bowls small for 4.25, medium for 6, and large for 8.50. We have been back to Freezie Fresh. The second time we both had the salted caramel with red chile large for our lunch. It was hot! What can I say. Next time I am going to try their vegan option. I promise.

Other flavors available were melted chocolate chip, pinon coffee, cookies and cream, and honey lavender. Vegan options included raspberry and strawberry. Flavors do change.

A large salted caramel with red chile

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