El Sabor Tapas y Mas, Santa Fe

This is my favorite new place to eat. I realize that I have been missing out. I have wanted to eat here for a long time but this food truck was parked on Old Santa Fe Trail and Paseo de Peralta. I never seemed to have been in that area when I was hungry. The El Sabor Tapas y Mas food truck moved to Santa Fe Brewing on Fireplace Rd. This location is only 15 minutes from my house. I have been here twice in the last couple of weeks. The reason is that the food is fantastic! I love it. I think that Chef Ever Paz previously worked at El Farol. So we have a world class chef doing his own food truck! Excellent for us!!!

El Sabor has moved over to the Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing Company. El Sabor was previously located across the parking lot at the new improved Santa Fe Brewing Beer Hall.

I have the crispy avocado panini (11), which is flash fried avocado with provolone cheese, with tomato. The panini is served on hogie roll with chipotle mayo. This is some sandwich. The avocado is perfectly fried. Yum! Talk about perfectly fried, so were the french fries. What a delicious combination. You do have the option of a house salad instead of the fries. But there is more to come.

The Patatas Bravas (7) are the best I have had anywhere. I’m talking Panama, Spain, and Santa Fe. It was absolutely perfect Tapas Food. I could have had this incredible dish for supper. Patatas bravas are roasted potatoes with garlic sriracha sauce and some of that chipotle mayo. Wow! The sprinkled parsley adds to the appeal of this dish. It looks as good as it tastes.

We also ordered the special of the day, Shrimp tacos(12) for 4 shrimp tacos with lettuce, tomato, corn, and the star of the show, the avocado. And yes, there was a great deal of tasty shrimp involved in this taco as well. This dish also came with a tomato and tomatillo sauces.

The Aguacate (8) were a flash fried avocado with pico de gallo and lime yogurt sauce. I would put this dish up against any other restaurant in town. It was a mouthful of food.

We also had the Alcachofas,(10) the grilled artichoke hearts with kalamata olives, pico de gallo, and pamesan cheese. There is also a wonderful balsamic vinaigrette involved. I was totally impressed. The cheese and vinaigrette along with the olives really added to this dish. It was very upscale.

Since I was having all of this to-go, I was asked where my car was and they walked my order out to my car. They carefully labeled each container so I knew which was which. I really appreciated that thoughtful touch. Plastic utensils were also included as were napkins.

It does take a few minutes because this is a popular food truck and your food is made after you order. They have beef burgers (10) for our meat eating friends. There is also a quesadilla (10) that you can have with beef, chicken, or cheese. The regular menu tacos (10) are either chicken or shredded beef.

This is the real deal!

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