Peach Valley Produce, Santa Fe

I had heard from several people around town that Peach Valley Produce was the place to go if you wanted good fresh produce. We have always seen lines there every time we drove by on Cerrillos Rd. Since we were in town early, we decided that maybe this time we would stop and check it out. So on Thursday August 20, 2020 we went to Peach Valley Produce.

We arrived 11 minutes before the scheduled opening at 9am. I was taking the photos that follow. The guy in the gray teeshirt yelled at me that they were not open yet. I said that I could read the sign and knew that. I was just taking some photos. He proceeded to yell at us that we were not helping his business by standing there. He couldn’t set up (??? I was in front of the tent) and people would start lining up once they saw us. I didn’t appreciate his tone or his rudeness. So we left. As we were walking to the car, people were lining up but they didn’t receive the same greeting that we received.

So I can’t share with you very many photos of this produce. As you can tell from the photos, I was not in this guy’s face. And I certainly don’t want to hinder his business.


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