Peach Valley Produce, Santa Fe

4 thoughts on “Peach Valley Produce, Santa Fe”

  1. I thought so too. I have a retail background. I would have gotten fired for an attitude like that.


  2. When they are setting up the guys are really busy, with motorized equipment moving around. No doubt they are a bit stressed. But they are working to set up for customers. No offense to any of the other responders, but they need space and time to set up before the mobs descend – and they do!


  3. Thank you for reading my blog. I understand how stressful the setting up process can be. I worked retail for years. In this case, the motorized equipment wasn’t in use. Most of the set up was complete. Rude is Rude. As I remember, I was only taking some photos. Maybe some signage would help them. Perhaps, they are more polite now. I stand by my critique


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