Tibet Kitchen, Santa Fe

It’s been awhile since I have been to Tibet Kitchen. I was anxious to get back and check out their food. Of course, I ordered take-out. At first I didn’t get through and left my phone number on their machine. I happened to be in the area so I drove by to see if Tibet Kitchen was open. Yes, it was. There was a couple sitting at the only outside table available. The open sign was flashing in the window. All good signs. So I ordered on the phone in my car. I had errands to do so the 20 minute wait went by quickly. There seemed to be only one person running the front of the house and the kitchen, no wonder I didn’t receive a call back. But I was really glad that I persisted. It was all worth it and more.

We started with the steamed vegetable momos, which are steamed Tibetan dumplings filled with peas and I think onions(9.99). (you can also have them fried for an up charge of a dollar)((WHY??) This little dumpling of heaven came with a very hot sauce. The combination was incredible! Talk about comfort food. Wow! Those little pillows of vegetables were show stoppers. The hot sauce was just hot enough, not too hot but you could definitely feel its presence. I was so impressed. But there was lots more to enjoy!

We also had the vegetable fried rice(7.99). The rice was done perfectly. There were even some nice cubes of carrots along with peas. It wasn’t greasy at all. It was a joy to eat. Next came the mixed vegetables(7.99). Again the vegetables were perfectly cooked. They still had crunch to them. Of course there were carrots accompanied with broccoli, some onion, and cauliflower. Yum!!! But my absolute favorite was the vegetable chow mein(7.99). Wow! Those skinny noodles blew me away. I really enjoyed the light oil on the noodles and vegetables. It was just enough to coat the noodles without making them greasy. The cabbage added a nice zing to this dish and the ribbon carrots were good. I was impressed. I think I had been to Tibet Kitchen last in November. The flavor profiles were still the same, excellent. Maybe I should remember this place when I want to indulge in a vegetable fix.

Tibet Kitchen is open from 11 to 7 or 8pm. I would call to check if they are still open. When I checked the hours on the front window it was 11 to —. Tibet Kitchen’s phone number is 505.982.6796. They are closed on Sunday. For a tiny unassuming storefront, this place has got the goods. We will be back!

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