Sunset Swirl, Santa Fe

Since it has been hot here lately, I have been craving something cold to eat. I read about Sunset Swirl in the Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper. It sounded amazing. Right down the street from Backroad Pizza off of Second Street, we found this amazing place. We finally found a Vegan dairy-free ice cream place. I knew that Santa Fe would eventually have a small store front for vegan ice cream. Since I am a chile head, I had to have the chocolate chile cup (4.75) or cone. I do not like sprinkles(1) on my ice cream but there was a selection of goodies like peanut butter magic shell(1), vegan gummy bears(1). These particular toppings sounded really tempting.

I was unprepared for this. OMG! This dairy-free ice cream is so decadent. The chocolate was absolutely amazing. It was deep, dark, and rich. What a sumptuous treat! The chile came at the back end of the ice cream. It had that delicious chile burn. Oh, my! I worked hard on the lidded cup but as you can see there was still a great deal of ice cream to be had. It was so rich. I never expected vegan ice cream to taste this good. This is definitely a treat. I ordered online and had curbside take-out. I also ordered two pints of ice cream, one of the chocolate chile (7.99) and another of the s’mores (7.99). Of the two, I love the chocolate chile because I love the taste of cold and hot at the same time. I’m really glad that I live a distance from this place, otherwise I would practically live there. I mean they are right next to Chamisa Chocolate how could that be bad. Full disclosure: I know Amanda Hatherly of Chamisa Chocolate. Of course, I would know her. Its chocolate for gosh sakes.

Sunset Swirl in on 1807 Second Street Unit 9. Their phone number is 505.407.3067 According to their website their hours are :

Tuesday 1:30-3:30

Thursday 1:30-3:30

Saturday 1:30-6

Sunday 1:30-6

Sunset Swirl also has a cart on the Plaza. For more info check out another article from the Santa Fe New Mexican by Kristen Cox Roby on Jun 4, 2019. Since this article Sunset Swirl has a new address but has the same excellent quality dairy-free ice cream.

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