Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery

We were tired of staying in and having take-out. We needed to go to a restaurant. We heard that Tumbleroot has recently re-opened their patio and decided to go on Friday night. We met up with some of our friends . We were all wearing masks and social distancing. It was a beautiful night to be outside. There was a choice of scanning the menu or receiving a paper menu. You are greeted at the hostess stand. Our friends arrived first so were were able to walk to the table. Before we left the hostess stand we were advised of the new rules in place at Tumbleroot. You were to wear your masks except if you were eating or drinking. You could only proceed to the ordering stand from the left and then go right. After you ordered, you would receive a stand with a number so your runner could bring out your food. There were composting stations were you could toss out your recycling.

The Patio at Tumbleroot on Agua Fria

There were lots of lights to make the outside very festive. Later in the night the tiki torches were light. There was a DJ spinning a variety of different music genres. All of this added to the fun of finally being out to dinner.

Beer Menu
The Ordering Stand

There is a different food truck at Tumbleroot so the menu is different, too. I missed the Ryder’s Pretzel. We had the Mediterranean Plate(14) of fafafel, hummus, tabbouleh, olive, tomato, carrot, cucumber, pickled onions, and pita. There was also a delicious slice of pickled beet. The combination was so delicious. Each segment worked well with the others to make a wonderful dish. The selection was a good one. Of course, the dish paired well with a beer. We had the Feist beer (5) in honor of Octoberfest. It was one of the best beers that I have ever had at Tumbleroot.

Mediterranean Plate
Ok, I ate all my fries and some of the Burger

I apologize I immediately ate my fries. I took a great photo of the Mediterranean Plate but not one of my Tumeric Tofu Veggie Burger (14). So you get a photo on the next day. As you all know I am not a fan of tofu. Detest is a good word to describe my relationship with tofu. I was willing to give it a try. The description was enticing. It was a Tumeric (which I love) ((the exact opposite of my feeling toward tofu)) Tofu Veggie Burger. I would be brave. The burger had a kick-butt sriracha aioli, some shredded carrot slaw and was served on a whole wheat bun. It was great! I put the entire sauce cup of sriracha on the burger because it was dry. Just my taste, but it was really delicious. I mean I would actually go there again and order it. The thick cut fries came with a sauce as well. Sorry, I don’t remember exactly what it was. It is the second sauce in the photo. I ate all that as well. I do know that these sauces were delicious!

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