Dixon Apples Albuquerque, Part 2

The Intro to the Oct 11, 2020 Apple Pick Up From Dixon’s Apple Orchard

This time I ordered Champagne and Honey Crisp Apples from the Dixon’s Apple Orchard. I paid online once again. Forty dollars for a 1/2 bushel. The Champagne apple box contained 54 apples. The Honey Crisp had a little less (37) because the apples were bigger. I ordered a 1/2 bushel of Honey Crisp and 1/2 bushel Champagne Apples. In an earlier post, I discussed the Dixon’s Zestar Apple. I figure if it is from Dixon’s Apple Orchard, it is going to be a real apple. You know the type of apple I’m talking about. An apple that actually tastes like an apple. I used to have them all the time when I was a lot younger. The only thing that has ever come close to a real apple is a Honey Crisp. That is why I was excited to order a Honey Crisp from Dixon’s. They grow real apples.

The Champagne is their patented apple. Yes, they used to grow them here near Cochiti Lake until the aftermath of the fire. We used to go and wait in line for hours to get these coveted apples.

The Coveted Dixon’s Champagne Apple

Well, this year was different. We ordered on-line and received an email with distribution instructions. The system was based on the person who ordered the apples first name. You were assigned a time slot. Mine was 11am on Sunday Oct 11, 2020. The truck in on the right in the first photo on the left. We all wore masks and were practicing social distancing.

The truck was coming from Wisconsin. Ok, the delivery system broke down and we waited in line for an hour and a half. Yes, we did. But these apples are worth it.

If you are at all interested I suggest you get on Dixon’s emailing list. People were turned away who didn’t pre-order (Prepay) .

The Honey Crisp

Dixon’s was also selling cider and merch. I think that this slowed the line. As you can see there is only one line that wound around the entire parking lot. I was glad it wasn’t so hot in Albuquerque. The Dixon people did distribute water and tell people that you had to pre-order to get the apples

Dixon’s Apple Map

For all of you who are interested in getting some of the best apples, this is where Dixon’s will probably be next year. This was the last apple truck of this year.

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